About Kelly

Photography is a passion. A passion that I discovered while searching for balance in my highly left brained and logical corporate world. While fulfilling in its own right, it’s a world of days filled with deadlines and the need to be tethered to meetings, cell phones, and computers most hours of the day. Out of  years of this routine, emerged a recognition that there was a whole other part of my brain that was craving attention!

I knew I needed to tap the right brained and creative artistic world that is limited only by my own curiosity, and my own timelines. I found myself walking into a camera shop (yes, they do still exist!), and asking for something I had zero knowledge of, and was quickly immersed into a foreign language. Fortunately, I was steered in the right direction, mentored, and discovered the magic of photography, which has now changed my life in ways I never imagined.

Living in the Tampa Bay area provides a never ending source of local photography, while traveling with other like minded artists allows me to “see” the world through different eyes,  observe human interaction and emotion, and bask in the majesty of what nature gives us if we choose to seek it.